2015 ~ Welcome Back

I hope everybody enjoyed relaxing Christmas breaks, and came back full of newfound enthusiasm as we hit the ground running in the New Year. Whether you’re wondering what the results of the REF mean (there are some excellent – albeit slightly gloomy! – articles in Research Fortnight here); thinking about new funding schemes available from the Wellcome Trust (with more to come in the next few months, according to their 2014 annual report) and others such as the MRC’s new Industry Asset Sharing Initiative or pondering the broader underpinning messages of the Government’s new Science & Innovation Strategy (a nice quick overview from the Society of Biology here and a good blog post through LSE here); there is clearly plenty to be thinking about. Continue reading


Seminar: Health Informatics and the possibilities for your research.

Monday 20th October 11.30-12.30 IBR Seminar Room (N143)

The seminar will showcase two sources of Health informatics data, give examples of how researchers have used these resources and opportunities for your own research to be enhanced by the resources.

Speakers are:

  • Professor Tom Marshall, Professor of Public Health and Primary Care. Tom uses The Health Improvement Network (THIN) database, a source of electronic primary care records to assist earlier identification of chronic diseases.
  • Dr Krish Nirantharakumar is a Senior Clinical Lecturer his research focuses on the role of informatics and digital technology in the management of diabetes and multiple morbidities.
  • Daniel Ray is Director of Informatics at UHB and one of the leads in the Quality and Outcomes Research Unit (QuORU) at UHB

Open to all, no registration required.


Workshop on Intelligent Computation and Biomedical Research

Michael Biehl,  Professor of Computer Science and Machine Learning at the University of Groningen, will be co-chairing a workshop in Birmingham on “Intelligent Computation meets biomedical research: recent developments in computational biology”.

The workshop will be held on Thursday 9th October and will feature talks by Gyan Bhanot from Rutgers University, Guillaume Assie from Paris, Paulo Lisboa from Liverpool and Peter Tino from Birmingham. Continue reading

Working with Industry Event – Thursday 15th May

R&KT Workshop: ‘Taking the corporate pound: how to build effective relationships with industry’

Thursday 15th May 2014, 1-2pm (IBR Seminar Room)

Working with industry can be incredibly rewarding.  Not only do you get to make a direct impact in the commercial world but the work you do is likely to feedback into your research and open up pathways for further collaboration.

This seminar aims to help you better understand how you can develop productive relationships with industry. We will provide an overview of the different ways you can engage with industry and how the University and College is supporting business engagement activity.  You will also hear from Professors Ann Logan and Roy Bicknell about their experiences of working with industry.

Effective Post Award Management Workshop

Join us for the first R&KO Workshop of 2014!

Following the hard work of having your grant application awarded what next? Effective post award oversight and management of your project can often be an area of weakness particularly with those tricky finances. What are your roles and responsibilities and where can you get help? Come along to this 1 hour talk to find out the support available to you along with some hints and tips how to manage your projects well and make the most out of your award/s.

The workshop will be held on Thursday 20th February, 2-3pm in the IBR seminar room (N143)