100K Genome Project Training and Education Workshop 4 December 2014

Following the highly successful Genomics Medicine Research Workshop held on 11th November, a further training and education workshop designed to provide an  overview of the 100K Genome Project, and the approach being adopted, will take place on 4th December 2014.   Continue reading


BHP Fundamental and Translational Research through the 100k Genome Project

A workshop to outline the West Midlands’ role in the National 100k Genome Project will take place Tuesday, 11th November from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in room S104 in the School of Cancer Sciences.

Researchers!  This will explain the project to you and suggest how you could use the data for your own research questions. Continue reading

Ethics and Governance Workshop

A number of speakers shared their insight into what researchers should be thinking about when utilising human data, tissue or the NHS with their projects. Brendan Laverty & Sean Jennings (Governance), Clark Crawford (Research Facilitator), Jane Steele (HBRC), Karim Raza (Infection and Immunity) and Pamela Kearns (CRCTU) shared their experiences and covered the following: ‘What is a sponsor?,’ ‘What approvals do I need?’ and ‘What’s a tissue bank and how can I use this resource?’

View the presentations on our events page.