PERCAT Teaching Opportunities

15th September (9 – 11 am) in IBR Seminar Room

Following on from last year’s successful event, it is clear that many in PERCAT would like the opportunity to teach within the College of MDS.  This workshop presents the range of teaching opportunities we hope to fill in the next academic year. If you are interested in teaching then training is available. Continue reading


PERCAT Teaching opportunities

PERCAT Teaching opportunities in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Monday 15 September (9.00 – 1.00) Room N143 IBR Seminar Room,  CMDS

Tuesday 23 September  – Second training sessions

These workshops present the range of teaching opportunities PERCAT hopes to fill in the following year.

Training will be delivered in four areas (‘Learning from lectures’, ‘Facilitating small group teaching’, ‘Facilitating lab-based practicals’ and ‘One-to-one teaching’ (With a focus on research projects).  These are all CLAD accredited, so can contribute to the Introduction to Learning and Teaching’ programme if this is something you would like to explore in the future (More info at Continue reading