Making an Impact Workshop 16th March 1pm IBR Seminar Room

We have a great line up of speakers for the next MDS Research & KT Office workshop on one of the most relevant current topics for researchers.Workshop 5 - Impact poster


Freedom to Operate – Do you have the right?

It is vital that funders ensure the money they spend, goes to fund projects that have the best chance of realising impact.  It is with this in mind that they ask whether you have “freedom to operate”.  In the simplest terms, this means, do you have the right to go forward with your research outside the lab, or will you be infringing another party’s intellectual property (IP) rights?  Continue reading

Impact Summary vs. Pathways to Impact

What’s the difference between your Impact Summary and Pathways to Impact statement? Anybody can confidently assert that their study proposal could lead to amazing new insight (or perhaps even new treatments), so you’ll need to be more specific… Your Impact Summary should clearly define who the potential beneficiaries are (other academics, business, clinicians, the general public etc) and how they will benefit (commercial application, policy changes, health improvements etc). The Pathways to Impact statement sets out what you are personally going to do during and beyond the lifetime of your grant to ensure these advantages are realised (how you will communicate, collaborate, train and further explore opportunities with the beneficiaries), and how you can monitor success.

What a lot of researchers miss is the fact that you can ask for money to deliver the Pathways to Impact activities – RCUK actually expects that up to 5% of the total budget will be spent on these elements. And recognising their costs will actually make your plans look more realistic and achievable. Excellent and exciting science will remain fundamental to RCUK proposal decisions for the foreseeable future, but your Impact Summary and Pathways to Impact statement are increasingly important too…. For more information and guidance check out the RCUK website.

Making an impact through your research

R&KT Workshop  – 16th December 2013

How can you convey the impact your research can have socially, economically or perhaps environmentally? Last December a range of academics including Professors Janet Lord, Richard Lilford and Roy Bicknell focussed on topics such as Health, Society, Industry and Public. This workshop also included Dr Jessica Boname, MRC Programme Manager for Population and Systems Medicine Board, where she discussed the expectations of RCUK funders.

For more information you can view the workshop presentations and check out our events page.

Publishing in high-impact journals

This session was to give you hints and tips on the best strategies for developing and submitting your future papers, with talks from Prof Jon Frampton on the importance of publishing in the context of the REF, and editors’ perspectives from Dr David Thickett, Prof Jayne Franklyn, Prof Tony Smith and Prof Roy Bicknell, including their own personal dos and don’ts for making it easy for your reviewers to give you the thumbs up.

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