What can be done to maximise contribution?

Include a realistic amount of effort for the PI and Co-Is of your project.
We recommend an allowance of 20% effort (1 day per week) over the duration of a project as a minimum for Grade 9 staff and below. Professors supervising the work may contribute less time, but overall the effort of supervision on the project should be at least 20% including Co-I time. Continue reading


Low Research Contributions

We need your help! Financially it is a difficult time for the University – including our College – with low levels of research awards and low levels of contribution being generated on those awards.

What is contribution and why is it important?
The items that generate contributions on awards are supervision, estates and indirect costs which help support the University infrastructure. Contributions cover the cost of all our buildings, utilities, corporate services, school-funded salaries, and much more. Continue reading

What the FEC?

You may have noticed how much more expensive RCUK submissions with overheads are than charity proposals without these costs. The overheads addition is often assumed to be a lucrative money-grabbing scheme by the University, but there is another side to the story…

The concept of ‘full Economic Costing’ (fEC) was developed after government reviews between 1997 and 2004 showed the financial unsustainability of staff time, estates, infrastructure and various other costs of academic research… Continue reading