A look at the world of medicinal chemistry

Dr. Mehellou has kindly shared an article on his work with us, which he has called Sneaking phosphorylated molecules into cells: a powerful strategy in drug discovery and biotechnology.

“Phosphorylated synthetic molecules and biomolecules play an important role in health and disease.  They have shown great potential as therapeutics and useful biotechnological tools.  However, the polar nature of phosphate groups, which limits their (passive) cellular uptake has hindered their use.  To address this shortage, a number of phophate prodrugs have been developed. Continue reading


A Day Working in an Ebola Diagnostic Lab

Elizabeth Benedikz, PhD student (the effect of bacteria on viral infection) in the School of Immunity and Infection volunteered in March 2015 for the International Medical Corps Makeni Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC), in a lab run by Public Health England.  Here are extracts from her diary and a photo showing her in the isolator.

Lizzy in the isolator

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Amie Wilson reports from Africa

Who am I?

I’m Dr. Amie Wilson, International Trial co-ordinator for the AIMS Trial (Antibiotics In Miscarriage Surgery).  I am a  midwife with a true passion for improving maternal health in low resource setting.

What is the research?AIMs 1

AIMS is an international study working to improve miscarriage care in low income countries.  The study will involve 3400 women from Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Pakistan.  Miscarriage is common and affects around 20 million women every year.  The study will tell us if giving a single dose of antibiotics before surgery for miscarriage will reduce infection. Continue reading

MRC-Arthritis Research Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research (CMAR)

Bike F7

The CMAR is a collaborative research venture between Birmingham and Nottingham Universities that aims to understand how ageing results in loss of musculoskeletal function and to use this knowledge to intervene and minimise age-related musculoskeletal decline and disease.  The major focus of our interventions is on exercise and diet, incorporating motivational psychology research to underpin improved uptake and adherence to lifestyle changes.

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Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund – Intermediate Research Fellowships (4 years)

The principle objective of The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund Intermediate Research Fellowship programme is to facilitate the careers of truly outstanding biomedical scientists by allowing them to gain experience in an international centre of excellence prior to establishing an independent research group of their own.  Deadline 17th  April 2015. Continue reading

2015 ~ Welcome Back

I hope everybody enjoyed relaxing Christmas breaks, and came back full of newfound enthusiasm as we hit the ground running in the New Year. Whether you’re wondering what the results of the REF mean (there are some excellent – albeit slightly gloomy! – articles in Research Fortnight here); thinking about new funding schemes available from the Wellcome Trust (with more to come in the next few months, according to their 2014 annual report) and others such as the MRC’s new Industry Asset Sharing Initiative or pondering the broader underpinning messages of the Government’s new Science & Innovation Strategy (a nice quick overview from the Society of Biology here and a good blog post through LSE here); there is clearly plenty to be thinking about. Continue reading