Researchfish Update

Researchfish now has over 95 members including Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation and Arthritis Research UK to name a few! The full list can be viewed at 

If you are new to Researchfish, you can get an overview of the system here or join a webinar here.


Exciting times for the Periodontal Research Group in the School of Dentistry!

Periodontitis is an infectious-inflammatory disease of the gums that destroys the bone that supports the teeth, resulting in tooth loss. It is also independently associated with several systemic chronic inflammatory diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and COPD. Continue reading

Freedom to Operate – Do you have the right?

It is vital that funders ensure the money they spend, goes to fund projects that have the best chance of realising impact.  It is with this in mind that they ask whether you have “freedom to operate”.  In the simplest terms, this means, do you have the right to go forward with your research outside the lab, or will you be infringing another party’s intellectual property (IP) rights?  Continue reading

An update on Open Access

A recent report from HEFCE states that in order to be eligible for the post-2014 REF, authors’ final peer-reviewed manuscripts must have been deposited in an institutional or subject repository on acceptance for publication, and must be discoverable (and free to read) by anyone with an internet connection.

The requirement applies only to journal articles and conference proceedings with an International Standard Serial Number. It will not apply to monographs, book chapters, other long-form publications, working papers, creative or practice-based research outputs, or data.  Although the policy applies to research outputs accepted for publication after 1 April 2016, it is strongly advised to implement the policy now.

For more details, please see the full report here.

Making an impact through your research

R&KT Workshop  – 16th December 2013

How can you convey the impact your research can have socially, economically or perhaps environmentally? Last December a range of academics including Professors Janet Lord, Richard Lilford and Roy Bicknell focussed on topics such as Health, Society, Industry and Public. This workshop also included Dr Jessica Boname, MRC Programme Manager for Population and Systems Medicine Board, where she discussed the expectations of RCUK funders.

For more information you can view the workshop presentations and check out our events page.

Publishing in high-impact journals

This session was to give you hints and tips on the best strategies for developing and submitting your future papers, with talks from Prof Jon Frampton on the importance of publishing in the context of the REF, and editors’ perspectives from Dr David Thickett, Prof Jayne Franklyn, Prof Tony Smith and Prof Roy Bicknell, including their own personal dos and don’ts for making it easy for your reviewers to give you the thumbs up.

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