A very warm welcome to the future

Greetings to everyone lighting eyes upon this, the new MDS R&KT Office blog. I never imagined I would be doing anything as strange as blogging or Tweeting, unless perhaps I was sat on my rocket-powered armchair eating space pills in the far future. However, it had occurred to many of us in the team that the constant e-mail fatigue – and subsequent risk of useful and important info being deleted – was getting pretty overwhelming, and we wanted to make sure that there was a constant source of information and advice for MDS researchers and support staff to refer to. Continue reading


It’s good to talk

MRC highlights the potential scientific benefits of taking the time to chat to fellow researchers over a coffee in their regular newsletter Network. There are also articles on the greatest scientific advances of the past 100 years and hopes for the future, their picks of the latest discoveries, and some funding information. Continue reading