Reminder: Internal funding available to support early industry engagement

The MRC’s internal Proximity to Discovery: Industry Engagement Fund (PtD) will aim to support individual mobility to enable early engagement with industry as well as placement opportunities with businesses that could accelerate the translational potential of your work.  Work must be biomedically relevant and support the MRC’s remit.

The University will deliver PtD through two main schemes:

1  Rapid Response Mobility (RRM)

This scheme will support applications for funding to mobilise researchers and enable accelerated industry engagement where other funds do not exist.  Will cover travel (including international flights) and accommodation where necessary, and may even fund child care arrangements where needed (to ensure equality in line with our commitment to Athena Swan).  There is no specific upper limit to funding requested, however value for money must be apparent.  You may apply to the PtD fund more than once to visit multiple potential industry partners if appropriate.

2  Exchange & Explore (E&E)

This scheme will support clearly defined exploratory projects with the objective of generating sufficient preliminary data to build towards a collaborative application, either to an internal fund such as CiC or external funding application such as a larger scale industry funded collaborative project, CASE Studentship or project grant.  Applications of up to £10k (consumables only i.e. no staffing costs) are welcomed.

Prior to submission, all applications to the PtD fund must have been discussed with Anne Simper (a.simper[at] Business Engagement Partner for MDS.  There are no specific deadlines, and applications will be reviewed as and when they are received.  We expect the fund to be open to applications until March 2016, at which point we hope to have allocated all the funding.  Full guidance and application forms are available from Anne.