Birmingham Research with a focus on global women’s health

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On March 8th the world celebrates International Women’s Day but for Arri Coomarasamy every day brings new challenges and opportunities to improve the well-being of women around the world. Some of you may know that – in addition to conducting several randomised controlled trials in the UK with a focus on miscarriage –  Arri is also a passionate advocate of international health equity with work in Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and other low income countries.  He is furthermore a trustee of the international maternal health research charity Ammalife.  One of the most recently awarded HTA projects within his portfolio is a systematic review of uterotonic drugs for preventing postpartum haemorrhage, the leading cause of maternal death globally.  The project has already gained the support of the Cochrane Collaboration and international authorities such as the World Health Organisation, because the findings could influence maternal healthcare with life-changing effects for the better. across the globe.  The 18-month project is due to begin in May 2015.  You can stay in touch with Arri’s work by following @arricoomarasamy and @ammalife.