NEW – Translational Grants from the British Heart Foundation

The BHF have recently launched their Translational Grants which aim to accelerate the pre-clinical development of cardiovascular technologies, comprising

  • therapeutics, including the repurposing of existing therapeutics for a novel cardiovascular indication,
  • devices,
  • diagnostics including biomarkers,
  • imaging technologies,
  • algorithms and computer modelling

They hope to de-risk each technology for a relatively small sum (proposals in the region of £250k are welcomed) to increase attractiveness for external follow-on-funding.

Proposed technologies should address an unmet clinical need, have robust, repeatable proof of concept in vitro or in vivo data and have a novel, patented or patentable inventive step.

Applications are assessed via a two stage process, and the outline application is available online. There is no deadline – applications will be reviewed asap following receipt and outcomes are anticipated within 3-6 months.

Any application should be made in conjunction with the institutional Tech Transfer Office – either Claire Fenlon ( / 46804) or Jonathan Watkins ( / 49090) would be happy to discuss any potential application.  In addition, the BHF now have a dedicated Research Translation Advisor, Victoria Taylor, who will be able to advise early on whether your research is at the appropriate stage or is eligible for funding – Victoria can be contacted on