100K Genome Project Training and Education Workshop 4 December 2014

Following the highly successful Genomics Medicine Research Workshop held on 11th November, a further training and education workshop designed to provide an  overview of the 100K Genome Project, and the approach being adopted, will take place on 4th December 2014.  It will enable clinical and non-clinical staff to raise any issues or concerns and to comment on the pilot training plan for delivery of the GMC.  The workshop will be designed to cover:

An introduction to genomics and the potential for improved patient care.

Genomic testing in the 100K genomes project: aims, recruitment and delivery.

The Implications of genomic results: communication and counselling.

Familial, ethical and psychosocial considerations.

Venue, Lecture Theatre, QE PG Centre.

Notification of attendance should be sent to Rita.Chilton [at] uhb.nhs.uk