Confidence in Concept and Proximity to Discovery

MRC launches institutional Confidence in Concept and Proximity to Discovery: Industry Engagement Fund

The MRC recently announced that the 2014 call for institutional applications to the Confidence in Concept scheme is live. Running alongside this, the MRC has launched a second institutional pilot scheme, Proximity to Discovery: Industry Engagement Fund, which will provide awards to institutions to be used flexibly to support the development of relationships with industry partners. Funding will enable research organisations to be proactive in developing collaboration and allow a greater flexibility to respond quickly to opportunities as they arise. Short term people exchanges between industry and academia are considered a key component.

We plan to submit applications to both schemes (institutional deadline 17th October), and would hope to hear the outcome before the end of 2014.  If we are successful, this will mean MRC CiC funding should be available from early 2015, plus funding to specifically foster early industry engagement. For more information please visit the MRC website or speak to your Technology Transfer Officer, Claire Fenlon ( / 0121 414 6804)