Ebola Emergency Research Fund

ELRHA (Enhancing Learning & Research for Humanitarian Assistance), the Wellcome Trust and DFID (Department for International Development) have launched an emergency research fund to help combat the Ebola outbreak.


Expert research teams from around the world are invited to submit Expressions of Interest for research to better inform the management of the Ebola outbreak – currently and in the future – so that lives can be saved.


Funding is being made available through the existing £6.5 million Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) programme. The size and number of grants to be awarded will depend on the amount of high-quality applications received that are within the scope of the call.


The aim is both to produce robust research findings that could contribute to the effectiveness of the response to the current outbreak, and help to draw lessons for future outbreaks of Ebola and other communicable diseases.


How to apply


Given the urgency of this situation, qualified researchers are invited to submit a preliminary Expression of Interest application to ELRHA by 11am (BST) on Monday 8 September 2014.


Please click here to access more information about the call, read the full  guidelines, and to apply through our online grant application system. After appropriately qualified research teams have been selected in the first stage, they will be invited to develop a more detailed research proposal.