Lister Institute Research Prize Fellowships

The Research Prizes, valued £200,000 each, will be available from October 2015

The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, a registered charity established to support biomedical and related research, now invites applications from outstanding young researchers for its 2015 Research Prizes.

Prize Winners will receive £200,000 which may be used in any appropriate way to support their research, other than the provision or augmentation of personal salary.  However, the monies may be used to free the recipient from teaching or administrative duties by funding a replacement lecturer etc.  Expenditure of the award may take place over a period of up to five years.

The awards are open to any researcher, who fulfills the eligibility criteria (Prize Applications – Eligibility)  working in any not-for-profit institution in the UK and Republic of Ireland (e.g. University, Charity-funded research institute or Research Council institution).  Research can be in any area of biomedical research.  Applicants may be scientifically or medically trained and will have their personal salary provided from either their host institution or another source such as a Fellowship.

For further information see How to Apply and also Is it for me?