NIHR implements “Gold” approach to Open Access

Any peer-reviewed research articles supported in whole or in part by NIHR funding, that are submitted for publication and published  from 1st April 2014 should be made available under the “Gold” approach to Open Access – which means the report is free at the time of publication.

This includes review articles not commissioned by publishers, final reports or executive summaries.  The NIHR recognises that there will be progressive implementation, but expects full compliance in four years. NIHR Programmes will monitor compliance with this policy and will be providing further guidance on how to comply with the policy over the summer. Full details on the revised policy will be made available shortly, in the meantime, the existing policy can be found at

The NIHR, alongside the other main biomedical research funders, has committed  to the principal of Open Access to the outputs of its research. As a publically funded research body, the NIHR is subject to the requirement to make the outputs from its research freely and publicly available – not just to other researchers, but also to potential users in business, charitable and public sectors, and to the general tax-paying public. The 2012 Finch Report ( recommended this and the approach was accepted by the Government.

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