A very warm welcome to the future

Greetings to everyone lighting eyes upon this, the new MDS R&KT Office blog. I never imagined I would be doing anything as strange as blogging or Tweeting, unless perhaps I was sat on my rocket-powered armchair eating space pills in the far future. However, it had occurred to many of us in the team that the constant e-mail fatigue – and subsequent risk of useful and important info being deleted – was getting pretty overwhelming, and we wanted to make sure that there was a constant source of information and advice for MDS researchers and support staff to refer to.

The advantage of a blog rather than dry, static pages and documents is that you can all comment and tell us how we can improve posts – or expand on posts to create workshops, one-on-one sessions and further guidance – as well as us being able to solicit opinion pieces from academics about various hot topics. It’s also a way for us to be much more rapid and responsive in terms of the information we post, and in these pages you’ll find the latest research-relevant news, funding opportunities and links to our more extensive funding calendars and newsletters to let you plan ahead. Perhaps not as far as the rocket-powered armchair, but we can all dream…

Please do let us know what you think of the information available, tell us what we’re missing and how we can improve our support for you, and don’t forget that nothing beats personal interaction with your local Research Facilitator.



PS. Tweet us at @UoB_MDSRKTO