What can be done to maximise contribution?

Include a realistic amount of effort for the PI and Co-Is of your project.
We recommend an allowance of 20% effort (1 day per week) over the duration of a project as a minimum for Grade 9 staff and below. Professors supervising the work may contribute less time, but overall the effort of supervision on the project should be at least 20% including Co-I time.

Drug or virus manufacture.
Consider listing this cost as an exceptional item OR an NHS cost – both of which may be funded at 100%. Speak with your Research Facilitator about how to go about this…

Large sub-contracts.
Consider listing the subcontract organisation as a Collaborator (funding their own 20% fEC) OR enquire if this component of your work may be listed as an exceptional item. Often large overseas organisations are allowable as exceptional items provided agreed in advance.

Large equipment purchase.
Consider the necessity. Is there another piece of equipment already on campus that could do the job? Are there any local facilities that can be used? If the equipment IS required then be clear about your justification. Research Councils will provide only 50% of the cost of any single items over £10,000. Your submission must include a thorough justification and letter of support from the Deputy Director of Finance.