The Intention to Submit Process: You’ve Got To Be In It To Submit It!

What’s the reason for ItS? Externally funders are explicitly demanding institutionally-led internal review processes, imposing sanctions for non-compliance, and internally we believe we can do significantly more to support the development of the best possible research applications.

What’s the process? We have an Intention to Submit form for RCUK applications and a separate Intention to Submit form for NIHR proposals. The ItS form must be completed and sent to the research office 12 weeks prior to application deadlines for researcher-led calls. You will receive one of 3 recommendations:

1) Immediate development with no further input;
2) Immediate development with directed support (grant clinics, individual mentors etc);
3) Future submission following further development and re-assessment.

What happens if I don’t submit an ItS form? Not submitting an ItS form may mean that you will be unable to submit your grant application.

If you think you may have missed a date please alert your Research Facilitator ASAP.