Low Research Contributions

We need your help! Financially it is a difficult time for the University – including our College – with low levels of research awards and low levels of contribution being generated on those awards.

What is contribution and why is it important?
The items that generate contributions on awards are supervision, estates and indirect costs which help support the University infrastructure. Contributions cover the cost of all our buildings, utilities, corporate services, school-funded salaries, and much more.
Are the funding streams that you are applying for the most appropriate?
Do NOT try to fit a clinical trial of £400,000 into a funding stream with a £100,000 threshold. This approach will inevitably drive down the contribution of the award in order to meet all the direct costs required to undertake the work. In reality you could end up doing this work at a loss.

Low contribution, the problems…
Did you know that if a project is funded at 80% fEC (the standard allowance of all the Research Councils and NIHR) the University must find the other 20% of all your direct costs? This obviously brings implications for the financial stability of the University infrastructure.