Intention to Submit

Hopefully by now everyone is well aware of the Intention to Submit process, an internal review that gives approval for submissions to Research Council (MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC etc) or NIHR (all streams) funding deadlines. With just a brief 1-page form to fill out, the process is designed to get you early feedback from senior staff familiar with the relevant schemes to ensure that your plans fit with the scheme, and to help tie you in with other internal processes that can put a spanner in the works prior to submission – for example, helping you sort out the 50% matched funding required for any equipment worth over £10,000 on an MRC grant.

Forms are always due 12 weeks ahead of the relevant deadline, and a list of relevant dates is available on our office website.

Failure to submit the form may result in your application not being authorized on the electronic submission systems and postponed for a subsequent deadline. The process is designed to help rather than hinder, but we are under increasing pressure from funders to have robust internal review so that they are not compelled to use institutional blocks to decrease the number of unsuitable applications.

If needed, the process can help get Grant Clinics arranged for senior staff to review your proposal face-to-face at a stage where there is still time to incorporate significant feedback, or to assign you a mentor to help answer queries and give you additional support directly. If you have any queries, please contact your Research Facilitator.