Translating your research: bench to bedside

Do you want to change the direction of your research to be more translational? This talk included insight from Prof Tanja Stankovic and Prof Roy Bicknell on their experiences, with examples of scientists who have adhered to translational research.

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Making an impact through your research

R&KT Workshop  – 16th December 2013

How can you convey the impact your research can have socially, economically or perhaps environmentally? Last December a range of academics including Professors Janet Lord, Richard Lilford and Roy Bicknell focussed on topics such as Health, Society, Industry and Public. This workshop also included Dr Jessica Boname, MRC Programme Manager for Population and Systems Medicine Board, where she discussed the expectations of RCUK funders.

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Ethics and Governance Workshop

A number of speakers shared their insight into what researchers should be thinking about when utilising human data, tissue or the NHS with their projects. Brendan Laverty & Sean Jennings (Governance), Clark Crawford (Research Facilitator), Jane Steele (HBRC), Karim Raza (Infection and Immunity) and Pamela Kearns (CRCTU) shared their experiences and covered the following: ‘What is a sponsor?,’ ‘What approvals do I need?’ and ‘What’s a tissue bank and how can I use this resource?’

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Governance and Ethics

Do you work with Human participants in the Health and Social Care setting? If so you’re working under the Research Governance Framework. Two speakers – Dr Sean Jennings (Research Governance and Ethics Manager) and Jane Steele (Director of Human Biomaterials Resource Centre), go through how to comply with this framework and provide advice on what researchers should be aware of.

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Publishing in high-impact journals

This session was to give you hints and tips on the best strategies for developing and submitting your future papers, with talks from Prof Jon Frampton on the importance of publishing in the context of the REF, and editors’ perspectives from Dr David Thickett, Prof Jayne Franklyn, Prof Tony Smith and Prof Roy Bicknell, including their own personal dos and don’ts for making it easy for your reviewers to give you the thumbs up.

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Open Access: a summary of current policy and practice – 26th November 2013

Are your publications widely available? ‘Open access’ refers to unrestricted, online access to the published findings of research. This workshop explains how HEFCE are aiming to make it a requirement that research outputs are made widely accessible before the next REF. Jill Russell discusses this; along with how funding bodies also require the outputs from the research they have specifically funded to be made available.

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